Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium medical devices that are inserted into the jaw bone to replace the roots of missing teeth. They can be used to support a dental crown, bridge or denture, providing a long-lasting and natural solution to replace missing teeth.

Why choose us?

We conduct a careful examination of the state and volume of bone available in the maxilla concerned to assess the feasibility of placing a dental implant.

We can use a scanner for this. In some cases, a bone or gum graft may be needed to increase bone volume.

The use of very short but wide dental implants (Bicon), if the width of the maxilla allows it, can help to avoid graft complications. Similarly, sinus-lift techniques (raising the floor of the sinus) can avoid grafts in the sinus. This allows a lighter, more comfortable intervention, minimal post-operative consequences and a much faster healing time.

In some cases, we can carry out an immediate implantation, that is to say a placement of the implant during the extraction of the tooth that cannot be preserved.

Dr. LARMOYER only uses the best implant systems distributed by the world’s best manufacturers such as Nobel Biocare, Ankylos, Bicon, Imtec and MIS. Each implant is tailored to your specific situation.

We also offer bridges, a fixed prosthesis solution to replace one or more missing teeth by resting on neighboring teeth.

Bridges can include from 3 to several elements, up to reconstituting a complete dental arch.

Small-scale bridges can be made in pure ceramic. We use a metal framework under the ceramic for bridges with 5 or more teeth.

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