Routine dental care

We are proud to offer a full range of quality dental care to help our patients maintain good dental hygiene: caries care, tooth decay, scaling and gum care are the most common care we provide.

Decay treatments

We use preventive techniques such as  fissure sealants which is a  white resin  in the grooves of the teeth to prevent cavities.

If the cavity is already existing, we clean the cavity and restore the tooth with tooth-colored and metal-free aesthetic materials, including mercury-free such as composite fillings.

We have been offering these treatments for many years with materials such as composite resins or CEREC ceramics.

Do not wait to have a cavity treated, it can end up damaging the whole tooth and evolve into a toothache or an abscess. The earlier the cavity is treated, the simpler and more painless the treatment is.

Mercury amalgam

Mercury-free composite

Root canal treatment

We offer endodontic treatments for advanced decayed reaching the pulp of the tooth. This treatment, also called root canal treatment, it involves removing the central nerve of the tooth.

We generally carry out this treatment in one or two sessions in our clinic.

Most often, a root canal treated tooth must be restored by a crown because it is more fragile than a living tooth.

Pre root canal treatment (before)

Post root canal treatment (after)

Scaling, gum care

We emphasize the importance of regular brushing of teeth and gums to remove dental plaque. This can turn into tartar when brushing is insufficient, which can lead to gum diseases such as bad breath, bleeding gums and, in the long term, loosening and loss of teeth.

We generally recommend an hygiene scale & polish visit every six months.

If the gum disease is already advanced, scaling is no longer enough. We can perform a deep scaling. For more complex cases, we can refer you to our specialist for periodontal treatment.

Keeping the gums in very good condition is not only crucial for keeping your teeth, but also because recent studies have shown that periodontal disease significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

teeth whitening before and after close-up.

Pre Hygiene
scale & Polish (before)

teeth whitening before and after close-up.

Post Hygiene
scale & Polish (after)
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