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Do you suffer from dental or craniofacial problems that impact your overall health? Book a dental osteopathy session with a qualified professional.

This can include jaw pain, headaches, chronic dental pain, jaw problems, or dental alignment issues.

Through our partner My Osteo London, we offer osteopathic treatments at the clinic to relieve pain, correct malocclusions and improve jaw function for optimal well-being. We work closely with Charlotte, a qualified osteopath, to offer complete solutions for dental problems.


Thanks to a global approach to the body allowing him to restore the balance necessary for well-being, while adapting to each patient, your osteopath specializing in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can accompany you in the following cases:


Teeth grinding (usually unconsciously at night).

Jaw noises

Presence of a snapping, cracking or rubbing sensation when opening/closing the mouth (sometimes painful).

Blocked Jaw

Limitation of mouth opening; jaw dropping sensation.

Troubles ORL

Ringing sensation/pain in the ear (not related to organic damage).

Orthodontic work

Prevention of tension and pain associated with wearing or tightening orthodontic appliances.


Stress can lead to dental tightening responsible for jaw clenching and ATM disorders.


The body may try to compensate for jaw disorders; thus different symptoms may appear such as: headaches, cervical spine pain, shoulder pain, etc.

Voice disorders

Of non-neurological origin, especially in certain professions (singer, teacher, etc.).

To find out more, you can visit Charlotte’s website, My Osteo London

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