Dental prosthesis

We restore the beauty and function of your fractured or damaged teeth with dental crowns.

We use crowns in case of fractured teeth or if the cavities of decay are too big to allow a simple obturation. This allows them to be reconstructed in a durable, functional and aesthetic way to prevent them from fracturing later.

You benefit from a pure porcelain crown, in ceramic, “tooth color”, without metal, for an optimal aesthetic result.

We use zirconia ceramic or CEREC for an optimal degree of aesthetics and better biological integration with the gums.

Why choose CEREC restoration?

Our dental practice offers CEREC-like restorative technology for a fast and efficient treatment experience. The high-quality ceramic restoration can be completed in a single visit, allowing the dentist to retain a larger healthy portion of the tooth.

The restoration of a tooth by inlay / onlay can be carried out in an appointment of 1h30 and by a crown in 2 hours.

The CEREC-type ceramic restoration offers better durability than white composite fillings by restoring 98% of the shape of a natural virgin tooth.

The digital camera used with CEREC technology creates a 3D model for a precise restoration without tedious impressions.

Choose CEREC Restoration for an enhanced dental care experience.

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