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Our firm can suggest that you use Waterlase from the Biolase brand. This innovative equipment will reduce the complications and trauma associated with many common dental procedures.


Waterlase of BIOLASE:

Waterlase is a hydrokinetic laser that has been deemed safe for adults and children since 1998. Whit its ability to shoot a jet of water spray to cut soft and hard tissue while sterilizing the surface, dental treatments can often be completed in single visit.

With the waterlase, patients can benefit from an increased level of comfort and reduced anxiety. It is an effective and minimally invasive dental tool that can improve oral health and restore smile aesthetics.

The waterlase is a versatile solution for dental practices, capable of accomplishing or speeding up many dental procedures:

preparation of cavities

the removal of lesions

soft tissue procedures

dentine and enamel procedure

removal of dental caries

crown lenghthening and gum removal


What are the benefits of BIOLASE Waterlase®?

Waterlase® treatment combining water spray and laser energy gently removes hard and soft tissue. This precision laser means most procedures can be done without anesthesia. It also effectively sterilizes the surgical area, reducing the chances of bacterial invasion or infection.

Waterlase® is the ideal solution for children and anxious patients, as it can offer a needle-free and painless procedure.

Here are the advantages of choosing Waterlase® over traditional dental milling:

Minimal bleeding during and after the procedure

No unpleasant noise, heat or vibration

Better precision that leads to better results

A reduction in the number of visits

Reduced risk of post-operative infection
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